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Selecting top quality gemstones is an exceptionally intricate process that requires many years of experience and an inner instinct developed over time. We are proud to rely upon our expertise and knowledge to offer only the finest quality of natural gems, (no dyes or color treatments). Every significant Vittorio B. fine jewels gem and/or diamond (above 0.5 ct.) comes with a certificate of quality and grading report from the Gemological Institute of America (the GIA).


At Vittorio B. fine jewels, we responsibly source all of our gemstones from the most highly trusted and reputable suppliers in the industry. In order to maintain competitive pricing, we work only with vetted suppliers who own and operate their own mines or who acquire rough precious and semiprecious gems directly from the mines. This avoids the unnecessary markups and potential corruption of the “middleman.”

Most importantly, Vittorio B. fine jewels sources only from mines that extract the rough diamonds or gems in compliance with all environmental preservation laws and who uphold strict adherence to the protection of human rights. All of our diamonds are conflict free and guaranteed by the International Diamond Council, conforming to the Diamond Trading Company’s international code of ethics and the internationally recognized Kimberly Process. 

Colored gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tsavorites, etc., are sourced directly from reputable and environmentally responsible mines. We take great pride in selecting only natural stones with the clearest gem crystals and the most vibrant hues. 


Each diamond and every gemstone in Vittorio B. fine jewels that measure over a half-carat (over 0.5 ct.) is GIA certified and ideal cut.

To maximize the fire, sparkle, and scintillation – what we call the “character” of a gem – each unique gemstone’s shape needs to be cut with specific ideal proportions and precise faceting. Each shape has its own ideal proportions. For example, the ideal proportions for a round brilliant cut are not necessarily ideal for an emerald cut, nor a cushion cut or an oval. As long as the diamond or gemstone is properly cut and each facet is set at the correct angle, it is not required to have a larger center-stone to have the ultimate sparkle. That beautifully blazing effect can be seen from across the room.

Our mission is to educate and guide you throughout the purchase process, respecting your budget, and your needs while maintaining the highest quality standards in terms of proportions and precious materials. And we do it all with highly competitive pricing.


At Vittorio B. fine jewels, we are very confident in our quality and pricing. We encourage our customers to do extensive online research with any of the most highly respected diamond e-commerce brands. Right away, you will notice a wide pricing disparity. A diamond with the same carat weight, cut, color, and clarity, all with similar reputable grading certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (the GIA) can vary up to 40% in price. For example: search for a diamond ranging from 1.01ct. to 1.04 ct. with G/VS2 quality and look at the discrepancy in price from least to most expensive. To the untrained eye, this is a daunting task. At Vittorio B. fine jewels, we look forward to educating you and showing you firsthand how and why this happens. We can help you understand the fifth and sixth C’s compelling truth before purchasing a diamond or colored gemstone – Character and Comparison. Only by Comparing several stones next to one another, will you identify the one with the most character, possessing the ultimate fire, sparkle, and scintillation. It is impossible to denote such nuance by simply comparing certifications, images, or videos.


At Vittorio B. fine jewels, we source colored diamonds from one of the world’s leading suppliers, a family business established three generations ago. Naturally mined fancy colored diamonds are very rare; thus, considered the more precious. We take great pride in selecting only the highest quality natural diamonds with perfect saturation of color and verified diamond grading reports from GIA. 


Besides having unlimited resources and extremely competitive prices, dealing directly with the mines enables us to design, create, and offer unique shapes and cuts of colored gemstones. A perfect example is the octagonal diamonds in the signature cross pendant from our “FAITH & BELIEF” collection. 

Gemstones have been simultaneously our passion and our expertise for over twenty years. Please contact us for an introductory consultation or to see our extraordinary gem collections. One of our graduate gemologists on staff will be happy to assist you, guide you, and educate you on finding your dreams' gemstone jewels!